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Work Resume

Individual Work | Trabajo Individual

In the darkness of the world.2015.Radio Version.Performance.
(Experimental Radio/Performance)


Commissioned to be premiered as a broadcast and as a performance by the CTM Festival for Adventurous Music and Art 2015 Radio Lab, Deutschlandradio Kultur – Hörspiel, ECAS – European Cities of Advanced Sound / ICAS – International Cities of Advanced Sound/ Klangkunst. Berlin, Germany.

(Experimental Radio/Storytelling/Performance)

Performed live for the Stazione Ditopolo Italia occasion of World TB Day 2014.
Selected for Radiophrenia 2015.

La simplicité d’une goutte.2014.
(Experimental Music/Soundscape)

Selected by Dixie Treichel – KFAI Radio for “Women innovators & sonic explorers in electronic music & sound art-experimental, eclectic, non-pop.” 2014.

(Experimental Music/Storytelling/Soundscape)

Select for the Sonophilia – Lincoln’s Festival of Sound 2014.

32 Turbulencias.2013.
(Experimental Music/Radioart/Storytelling/Soundscape)

Selected by Rosa Perez “SONORAS. Mujeres en el arte sonoro: Sonido y Sentimiento” – La Gallera Suena Off_Hz in Spain 2014.
Selected for L’éranger Radio Panik 2014.

Shorts for Radio.2012.
(Experimental Music/Radioart/Storytelling/Soundscape)

Selected by The Mixtape – Mule radio Sindicate 2013.
Reviewed at “Curved Radio”, 2SER 107.3 FM by Olivia Louvel 2013.
Selected for the RadiaLX Festival Internacional de Arte RádioPortugal 2013.
Reviewed at Radio Papesse 2012, Reviewed at Radio Panik 105.4 FM 2012.

The existence of the light | La Existencia de la Luz.2011.
(Experimental Music/Soundscapes)

Reviewed by Marc Weidenbaum for Disquiet 2011.
Reviewed by Jacob Sam for Sam-La Rose Journal 2011.
Collaboration for the videoThe Business of the Arts South Africa 2012.
Review at The Investigative Musicologist Radio Show 2012.
Selected by Tate Callectives 2013.

(Experimental Music/Soundscapes)

Selected for Addicted2Random Festival in Germany 2012.
Selected by Jason Bestof2011: uncatAVANTegorizable FMA 2012.
Reviewed by Jack Chuter ATTN: Magazine 2011.
Selected by Nick Luscombe for BBC radio3 2011.
Reviewed at WFMU-FM91.1 for FMA2012.
Selected by the artist Steve Heimbecker in the first series of concerts in 64-channel multi-channel surround sound system 2011.
Reviewed at INQ Mag 2011.
Reviewed at Music on Tnt 2011.

Verdades Minúsculas.2011.
(Experimental Music/Sound Art/Soundscapes)

Included piece “questions” was posted on the website Sonic Journeys 2011.
Selected for the Netaudio Festival 2011, Roundhouse,UK.
Selected by Framework Radio 2011,UK.
Selected for the Festival FILE PRIX LUX 2011 in Brasil.

El año del conejo.2010.
(Radio Art/Sound art/Storytelling)

Selected for the Radiophonic Creation Day France 2011.
Selected by radioCona from the Slovenia Institute for contemporany arts processing for the Festival Blink 2011.

Ex nihilo nihil fit.2009.
(Radio Art/Sound Art)

Selected by Umbrales- espacios del sonido- Muestra Fase7 2015, Argentina.
Selected for the Festival FILE PRIX LUX 2010, Brasil.
Selected for Prix Bohemia Radio 2010, Prague.

Bird Migration.2009.
(Radio Art)

Selected for the IV Muestra Monográica de Media Art 2010 Festival de la Imagen, Colombia.
Selected for the TOSHARE- Piemonte SHARE Festival, Italy.
Selected for the 6×6 Media Arts Events Nature Event, EE.UU.
Selected for the 11th Electroacoustic Composition Competition Música Viva 2010, Portugal.

Collaboration Work | Trabajo en colaboración

In the darkness of the world.2015.Internet Version. Performance.
(Experimental Radio/Performance)


Collaboration with Daniel Iván and Daz Disley.

Commissioned to be premiered as a broadcast and as a performance by the CTM Festival for Adventurous Music and Art 2015 Radio Lab, Deutschlandradio Kultur – Hörspiel, ECAS – European Cities of Advanced Sound / ICAS – International Cities of Advanced Sound/ Klangkunst. Berlin, Germany.

A Greater Purpose.2012.
(Video Art/Animation/Digital Storytelling)

Collaboration with Daniel Iván.


Selected for  17th International Video Festival VIDEOMEDEJA in Serbia.
Selected for  DA Fest 2013 (International Digital Art Fest) in Bulgaria.
Selected for Hörlursfestival 2013 at the Lab Galleri in Switzerland.
Selected for NIT ELECTRO SONORA a FLIX 2013 festival in Spain.
Selected for Filmhuis Cavia Amsterdam Experimental Film & Video Festival at Filmhuis Cavia, in Netherlands.

Matar al gato 2.2: Ekpirótica.2012.
(Performance/Digital Storytelling)

Collaboration with Daniel Iván.

Performed Live at Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico.
Reviewed at WFMU-FM91.1 by FMA

Babel Spring – SoundSpiral.2011.
(Associate Artists)

Sound Spiral is a pop-up Sound Art venue, consisting of a 12m-long inflatable structure and embedded 52 speaker net-connected sound system pulling-in crowd-sourced audio from around the world.
Initially the work will show during summer 2012 and appear at the East Midlands ‘Festival of Festivals’ as part of the UK’s Cultural Olympiad.

Matar al gato 2.0: Ekpirótica.2011.
(Performance/Digital Storytelling)

Collaboration with Daniel Iván.

Performed live via stream from Panz4 Troupé Studio on 27/4/2011.
Co-conveined and supported by: ElektraMusic – Sound Art Radio – DIGICULT – Lush – Proyecto Antipasto – Transonica – Sonograma Magazine – Laboratorio Arte Alameda – webSYNradio – Innersound Radio – BLK RIVER 2011 – Notations 21 – La Miscelanea – TintArts.
Presented in A Wunderkammer exhibition curated by Maria Felixmüller.

Matar al Gato 1: Conocimiento Funk.2010.
(Performance/Sound Art)

Collaboration with Daniel Iván.


Performed Live at Museo Ex Teresa Arte Actual, México.

(Sound Art)

Collaboration with Cristina Maldonado.

Lectures | workshops | online workshop | jury

Conducting lectures and workshops about: sound design, experimental radio, audio engineering, mixing and editing audio and field recording.

Institutions and festivals:

-New York Festivals,United States.2015. (Jury)
-Technische Universität Berlin,Germany.2015 (Lecture)
-10° Bienal Internacional de Radio,Mexico.2014 (Workshop)
-Radio UNAM,Mexico.2014(Workshop)
-Museo Laboratorio Arte Alameda,Mexico.2012(Workshop)
-Universidad Iveroamericana,Mexico.2011(Lecture)
-Centro Multimedia Centro Nacional de las Artes CENART,Mexico.2010(Workshop)
-8° Bienal Internacional de Radio,Mexico 2009 (Workshop and Jury)
-Facultad de Arquitectura,Diseño y Urbanismo UBA,Argentina.2009
-Museo Laboratorio Arte Alameda,Mexico.2009(Workshop)
-Centro Cultural Casa del Lago,Mexico.2008(Workshop)
-Centro cultural Ekumene,Mexico.2008(Workshop)
-Facultad de Ciencias Sociales UBA,Argentina.2007 (Lecture)
-Facultad de Periodismo y Comunicación Social UNLP,Argentina.2007 (Lecture)
-Centro de Cooperación regional para la educación de adultos en América Latina CREFAL,Mexico.2007(Workshop)
-Encuentro Latinoamericano de Facultades de Comunicación Social,Colombia.2006(Lecture)
-Cátedra UNESCO de Comunicación,Colombia.2006(Lecture)
-Facultad de comunicación y Lenguaje Pontificia Universidad Javeriana,Colombia.2006(Lecture)
-Radio Universidad Bolivariana,Bolivia|Radio Universidad San Antonio Abad,Perú.2006(Lecture)

Online workshops | seminars for

-Clase Magistral de masterización de audio experimental 1°edición/2°edición.2015.(Master class)
-Habitando el sonido 1°edición/2°edición.2015.(Workshop)
-La distorsión de la escucha.2014.(Workshop)